July 20, 2024



What Does Social Networking Really Mean?

social networking is nothing but making of a group of individuals of a specific social group. The grouping may be formed in countryside communities or zonal subdivisions. Social networking creation is possible in different aspects of human life like in colleges, in workplaces, in universities, in high schools, but it is most popular in case of online. Because, most of the internet is filled with numerous individuals who are looking for other people to meet in order to share information received directly from the source. They may share the experiences of games & sports, cooking, fashion world, gardening, political issues, finding employment opportunities, marketing etc. Even the recent important news is shared by the social groups.

The structure of networking includes Profiles, Friends, Blog posts, Widgets and usually something peculiar about the particular networking, like capability of searching or inquiring the people in meddlesome way on Facebook.

Profile: This is the place where you can expose yourself to the world. Here you can open your basic information like the place you live in, your age, your hobby, your favorites. Profile also contains special themes like music or movies etc.

Friends: Friends are the confidential and trusted members of the site that are permitted to post comments on your profile, or send you private message. You will also be able to navigate how your friends are using the social networking site in the way of posting of new pictures or videos or updating their profile. Without friends there cannot be any link. So, friends are the heart and soul of the social net working. But, every social network has their own way to assign the members as trusted. Such as LinkedIn refers the friends as “connection.”

Groups: Most social networks find people with similar interest or engage in discussions on certain topics by using groups. A group can be anything from “high class” to “ordinary.” The people must be like minded in the way to similar interests.

Discussions: A most important focus of groups is to create contact between users in the form of discussion, argument, or chat. Most social networking websites allow members of the group to post pictures, video clips, music or other tidbits related to the groups.

Blogs: Another important feature of social networking is the aptitude for creating your own blog entries. Blogging through social networking is perfect for keeping people informed on what you are occupied with.

Widgets: The web widgets is the popular way of exposing your personality excel. Out of many social networking that allow variety of widgets, you can usually find interesting widgets located on widgets galleries.

Once you access to the social networking sites you start to socialize. This socialization is activated by reading the profile pages of other members and contacting them according to your choice. Another benefit of the networking is the condition of being in touch with the people all over the world. This suggests that a person of US can make friends with the person in India or Philippines. This will enable you not only to make friends with people of different countries but you might able to learn about cultures, languages and habits of different people worldwide.

Social networking often involves grouping definite individuals or organizations together. There are number of social networking websites that focus on particular interest and others are not. The websites without any main focus are often treated as “traditional social networking websites.” Anyone can become member of these websites, irrespective of their interests, hobbies, beliefs, or outlooks. But, as soon as you become member of the online community you can create your own network of friends and can remove those members that do not share interest with you.