May 19, 2024



Significant Details About Japanese Tiger Tattoos

The symbol of the tiger holds a significant place in the cultural history of Japanese arts. The image of the tiger is most formidably seen in the various lip blushing perth designs from different periods in Japan. A fascinating thing to note however is that the tiger is an animal rarely found in the country. Although there have been instances of sighting tigers here and there the Japanese artists had no real exposure to the animal that could allow them to draw tigers by observing them. So how did the tiger become such a prominent part of the Japanese tattoo culture?

Actually, the Japanese had keenly noticed the tiger’s skin. Then they sketched the whole animal with the pattern on the skin, and further completed the picture by detailing from their mental image. This could probably be the reason behind the distortions found on the tigers depicted by the art of Japan.As years passed by, these distortions gained a classical relevance in Japan and therefore became popular as the style of their art. The tigers that were portrayed in the Japanese tiger tattoo designs had unusually small ears, protruding eyes, giant paws and flattened nose.

Chinese paintings were also a source of inspiration to aid Japanese artists in designing tattoos. The tiger, an animal common to the Chinese, found importance in the Chinese arts. Referring to the Chinese tiger art, the Japanese artists made many tiger artworks that were then used in tattoos.At the close of the Edo age, ordinary people were finding ways to settle themselves in the society. At the same time, tattooing started flourishing. Tattoo art work was inspired by the wood cut blocks portraying tigers. A lot of these blocks are used even today to help in tiger tattoo designing.

In the tattoo pictures tigers are depicted in many postures. Several of these pictures truly resemble a live tiger, so much so that they belittle even the tiger art of China. Many of these pictures depict the abstract qualities of the tiger.The interpretation of the tiger tattoo pictures is dependent on the moving posture of the tiger. As an illustration, the animal positioned on a rock with a tranquil posture would indicate bossiness. The tiger bouncing vigorously with its claws forward would signify forcefulness. A tiger trying to catch its prey would indicate a resolute ambition-seeking quality.

In itself the tiger and people born in the year of the tiger are attributed with certain qualities. Inadvertently the tiger tattoo designs are also seen to carry the same symbolic meaning. Dominance and power are the obvious traits that the image of the tiger reflects. At the same time the tiger is known to be sensitive and loving towards his dear ones. Stubbornness and short temper are also part and parcel of the tiger’s personality.