July 21, 2024



Design Your Office With A Commercial Architect

When designing a commercial workspace, a lot of people don’t Malibu architects put in the same care and thought that they would for the home or other personal space. Considering the average worker puts in 8 hours a day, it doesn’t make sense to invest any less into the design of an office when you’re bound to end up spending so much time there. If you’re working on the design and build of a new office, don’t settle for ready-made plans; research and work with experienced commercial architects to create a better place of work for you and your employees.

Plenty of building companies will offer “quick-fix” solutions and standard office plans that can be easily implemented. While this might fit the bill for some, you have to remember that every building is different – making the most of the space you have and creating a better flow is the key to enjoying a more efficient, friendly and effective place of work.

An experienced commercial architect is well versed in designing corporate buildings to suit a variety of needs, from simple offices to open plan work areas, studios and storefronts. If you’re looking to build new or refit an existing space, a commercial architect can perfect and reshape your ideas to create an ideal solution. What should I look for in an architect?

It’s your job to find and research the perfect architect for you. Not every firm is going to work in a style that suits you; it’s up to you to make the right decision before you choose someone to take on your project. There are some key areas you should look out for, including:

Most architectural companies will have consistent stylistic aspects that shine through in their work. Not all architects are the same, but the directors for each firm tend to hire those that they feel fit in with their own ideals. Listing websites can put you in the right direction or, if you can’t find a good place to start, a quick search of local firms is sure to yield some positive results.

Experience is one of the most important qualities of any architect. The more buildings they have designed and the more situations they have worked in the better versed they will be to create your perfect space. Check through their portfolio, ask for client references and find a little background information on what they were like to work with and how their plans were received.

It’s not all about drafting the best plans; communication is one of the most important qualities that an architect can have. A good architect should act as a conduit and refinery for your ideas and needs, putting plans on paper that reflect the vision in your head while providing insight, knowledge and a professional opinion. Being able to successfully draft plans requires the ability to communicate with clients successfully.

Unfortunately there is no defined right and wrong way to communicate. Every architect is different and someone who is not a great fit for you might be perfect for somebody else. If you like their portfolio and what you’ve seen of their previous work, arrange a meeting to see how well you can communicate with each other. You’ll know pretty soon if they are somebody you want to work with on your exciting new office project!