April 20, 2024



Why You Must Avoid The Normal 4 Stages of Breaking Up

Many people will tell you that once your relationship takes a bad turn, you’ll naturally go through the 4 normal Phoenix karaoke of breaking up.

But what’s sad is that those 4 normal stages don’t do anything to help you salvage your broken relationship with your ex.

Don’t believe me? Then let us look at what will happen if you choose to embrace the 4 normal stages of breaking up.

Stage 1 – The State of Shock

Nobody starts out on a love relationship for it to come to a terrible end, so this first of the 4 stages of breaking up is pretty normal, because something you never anticipated has actually happened.

Stage 2 – Living In Denial

This second stage suggests that you’ll refuse to believe that the relationship has ended, because accepting the reality just hurts so much.

You’ll then start to take drastic measures to try to mend the broken relationship, but worsen it because those drastic measures are usually irrational and it’ll end up causing a bigger misunderstanding between you and your ex.

Stage 3 – Spiralling into Depression

When you start realising that your every move is only worsening the relationship, you’ll then end up at this third of the 4 stages of breaking up, spiralling into depression.

You’ll start to blame yourself and start regretting the fact that you ever took any well intended measures to salvage the relationship.

Stage 4 – Accepting The Harsh Reality

Coming to the end of yourself, you start to resign to your fate and accept the harsh reality of your breakup.

And at this final stage, you might give up the idea of getting into a new relationship because the emotions of breaking up were just simply too much for you to take.

The 4 normal stages of breaking up are pretty sad don’t you think? But things can be different for you if you choose to adopt a different set of stages.