July 20, 2024



Why Must I Drink Ionized Water When I Follow the PH Miracle Diet

The pH acim youtube diet is a groundbreaking program for restoring pH levels in the body and brings balance to it. If you consume foods and drinks that are high in alkaline, the negative effects of acidic foods are reversed. People who followed the pH Miracle diet have not only lost weight, their arthritis problems improved, they could concentrate better, they had more energy and experienced relief from many other health conditions.

We know that water is good for our bodies, but ionized or alkaline water will support the pH levels in your body and keep the cells in your body at the slightly alkaline level of 7.4 that they need to function correctly. You can easily make your own ionized alkaline water in your own home by using a water ionizer. Normal tap water passes through an advanced filter that removes chlorine, pesticides and other contaminants. The filtered water then passes through an ionization chamber where it runs over positive and negative electrodes and is split into acid and alkaline water.

A water ionizer consists of two chambers, one with negative electrodes and the other with positive electrodes. The negative electrodes attract all the positive, alkaline minerals like calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium while the positive electrodes attract negatively charged minerals. These negative or acid minerals consist of copper, fluoride, chlorine, sulfur and silicon.

There is a special membrane with tiny microscopic holes between the two chambers that prevent the water molecules from mingling but allows the ionized minerals to pass through. Upon completion of this process, you have 70% alkaline and 30% acid water. The alkaline water flows through the spigot while the acid water goes directly into the drain.

Water ionizers has been in use for the past 60 years. They were developed in agricultural universities in Japan and after extensive research on the health benefits of ionized water they were also made available to the general Japanese public. Water ionizers are now available in countries all over the world.

Ionized or alkaline water not only tastes better but also contains antioxidants that enable your body to detoxify itself and deliver more oxygen to the cells. The minerals in the water are micro clustered which leads to better hydration. Your body will become more balanced if you drink alkaline water every day. If you mix green drinks with ionized water it will increase their effectiveness. Not only will food taste better if cooked in ionized water but vegetables will keep their natural colors as well.

Ionized water helps your body to get rid of acid that accumulates in the body. The water flushes the toxins from the body tissues into the kidneys that get rid of it through urine. When you go on the pH Miracle diet, you will need to drink at least 4 liters of ionized water daily in order to rid your body of acid waste. It may seem a lot of water every day, but your health would improve vastly if you can flush out the toxins as quickly as possible