May 25, 2024



Ultimately Who Owns Your Facebook Business Page?

facebook auto liker pages are all the rage and with good reason: Every business that deals with people needs one because Facebook is where the people are!

Problem is most small to medium sized business owners are busy, don’t have the time and would simply prefer to have someone else do it for them.

Facebook “experts” everywhere are offering to help create with the ‘difficult’ task of creating Facebook pages for busy professionals who want them.

Fact is, a basic Facebook page is very easy to create and sometimes you’ll hear someone say “sure, I can do it for you,” but before you let them, here are a few pointers to ensure that your Facebook Page is the property of your business.

Now there was a time when this was major no-no. At that time the creator of a Facebook page could never be removed as an administrator. Simply, whichever employee uses his or her personal Facebook account to create the company Facebook page would forever have access to it. Even if that employee left the company. Even if you fired that employee for gross negligence or criminal activity – like illegal use or abuse of your Facebook page.

Luckily that has all changed and now page creators can be deleted as administrators. This is true, however, only if the Page creator adds someone new as an admin. Thus, it should be company policy that whoever creates a company Facebook page must immediately add a second administrator as soon as a Page is created. If that doesn’t happen, a Page creator will control your company Facebook page forever.