May 25, 2024



Stop Reading and Start Listening To Audio Books

The reported information above tells the whole story of our lives we are living today. The first part of the reported words tell us that people are slowly passing up reading a course in miracles

Our lives have become so consumed and busy with other regular activities that we are giving up our enjoyments of life. Unfortunately reading books is one of the first personal activities that are forfeited, but we can change this. Listening to audiobooks can bring back the joy of books and they can be listened to while doing many other tasks (multitasking is great with a good book). Audio books bring a dramatic flair, exciting energy and an enticing story line to regular paper books.

Even though there are less people reading traditional books, the second portion of the report tells us that there are more people (33% more people) listening to audio books.

As people have less time per day to sit down to read their books, they are then turning their attention to audio books. They can listen to books almost anywhere such as during their commute to and from school or work, while doing regular household chores and while walking or working out. There are many opportunities one can enjoy a great audiobook, take advantage and bring back the love of books to your life again.

There are different format choices with audiobooks, you must decide what format best suits your lifestyle and where you will be listening to the audiobooks.

Audio books on tape is the oldest format that is used today. It is also the poorest quality, but still is considered a decent audio sound. These audio books on tape are listened with cassette players which are slowly becoming extinct but if you have some audiobooks on tape we have a solution for you. Take any existing audio books on tape that you have and convert the tapes to CD. Not only will the audio output improve greatly, but the books will be turned into digital formats.

Books on CD is the next format that came along in the early 1990’s, it was introduced to eventually replace the analog cassette tape. Audio books on CD provide listeners with a truer digital sound, which allows the audiobooks to leap to life. Audio book CD’s can be played in various CD players found in computers, home stereo systems, automobiles and portable CD players. Even though CD’s have been around for many years, it still is considered a very good audio quality format.

Books on iPods or books on MP3 players have exploded onto the market place, changing our lives indefinitely. People are putting everything they can onto these MP3 players and Apple iPods such as movies, music and photos. Now people are becoming aware of placing books onto their digital players. This means that the audiobooks are a digital format that can be placed onto a computer that can be transferred onto CD’s and digital players.

Audiobooks are very versatile and can be fully enjoyed every month no matter how busy your everyday life is. Let the books talk to you, there are no excuses for not enjoying books anymore. Audiobooks are the answer to finding time in your daily life!