May 25, 2024



Soccer History Opens the Door to the Origin of Soccer

Soccer is a competitive sport with a long history and its origins can be traced back to the mid 19th century. 토토 history can be traced back to the different forms of football that was popular in England in the late 1840’s. Even then, historians believe that soccer history can be dated back to 1004 B.C when players in Japan used to kick around a ball around a small field. Interestingly Chinese historical texts have revealed that a game similar to modern day soccer was being played out between teams from Japan and China around 50 B.C.

Soccer history also reveals that Romans played a version of modern soccer and it was even introduced in the early Roman Olympics. But in the early Roman Olympics, soccer teams had 27 players on each side battling for the trophy. According to soccer history, modern day soccer came into life when the first set of rules for the game was drawn up in 1848 at the Cambridge University. Come to think of it – England’s King Edward (1307-1327) had actually passed a law threatening imprisonment to anyone who played the game. The truth is that Cambridge University is not the first to come out with soccer rules, it was Eton College and they introduced certain rules for playing the game in 1815.

The Cambridge Rules of 1848 has found a place in soccer history. These rules have played an influential role in development of modern soccer and were written at Trinity College, Cambridge. The rules for soccer were created by representatives from some of the finest colleges in England including Harrow, Eton, Winchester, Rugby, and Shrewsbury. Although the rules were not universally adopted, several small local clubs started playing the game based on the rules around the 1850s. Of course, some local clubs even went to the extent of creating their distinct codes of rules for the game and one such club is the Sheffield Football Club. Sheffield Football Club was actually formed by ex-public school students in 1857 and this eventually led to the formation of Sheffield FA in 1867.

The Football Association (FA) was formed in 1863 and the FA Cup was first organized in 1871. The FA Cup recreated soccer history and went on to attract huge number of Britons to the sport. In 1885, the FA (Football Association) took an important step by recognizing and accepting the legitimacy of professional soccer players. Three years later in 1888, 12 clubs joined in to form the football league in England and this was one of the biggest historical moments. In fact, this is where modern soccer history was established.

The first international soccer match commenced on 30 November, 1872 in Glasgow, Scotland. The two teams included an English all-star team and a Scottish all-star team and the match ended in a scoreless draw. The soccer world cup of FIFA world cup as we know now was first held in 1930 in Uruguay and they became the world champions as well!