May 25, 2024



Smart Home Security Network Tips

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, around 43 million smart homes in the United States have over 45 million smart home home security system quotes devices. Likewise, Wi-Fi networks have grown more robust and faster to support home automation. This post covers essential tips on protecting your smart home security system and surrounding Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

A quick browser search will yield any number of worst-case hacking scenarios. From compromised voice command devices to garage door openers, the list goes on.

Which IoT devices do hackers prefer?

All smart home products are appealing to hackers. Malicious actors hope to gain access to your home network by exploiting an IoT device’s vulnerability. We are living in an age where almost every appliance now has a sensor. Televisions, tablets, and even LED light bulbs have connected apps for download.

Vulnerabilities exist in some networked products.  Here are some examples of devices that may be accessible to someone in proximity using a laptop or other Wi-Fi sniffer.

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