May 25, 2024



Sectional Concrete Garages – Instant Parking Solutions

stained concrete okc is an important part of the house. You spend so much money on buying a car, doesn’t it deserve a proper resting place when it is not being used? Sectional garages are an instant solution to this. These concrete garages are easy to build and best thing is they can be moved from their present location without damage to your property.

These sectional concrete garages are named so because they are made up of sections of concrete blocks. The blocks are made by pouring concrete into a mould. This process of making the blocks is an automated process. The concrete garages not only come in strong concrete grey blocks but also in brick finish.

The dried concrete block are removed, fixed together and reinforced with steel rods. These interlocking panels give the structure of the garage better stability and more strength. Since these are building by blocks, customizing these garages is a child’s play. The customer can bring in any idea he/she needs to implement and it will be done with sectional garages.

The garages are also places of pursuing hobbies and outdoor working. Hence, a partition can be raised at very low cost within the garage with the same concrete blocks to suit to that need too. The ground for the garage needs to be prepped before the construction can commence. Most commence do this as a part of the package, where they include removal of the old garage and prepping of the ground.


The roof of the garage is either flat or slanting. The roof comes in apex form, which gives more strength to the structure as such. The pent roofs are the most popular. The price is less and so it is a choice of the masses. High liner garages are customized garages of the normal apex forms. They are specially designed for garages that need high ceilings. It can be a personal choice or a choice due to need.


Advantages of such garage is that these are easy to build, come with 10 year guarantee, are made from the best concrete mixture, are movable and can be constructed in a bespoke fashion.

Garage doors

Garage doors are another important aspect as they are related to security of the vehicle inside. Automatic door locking and unlocking system is very beneficial, especially when you are in your best dress and it is pouring cats and dogs outside the comfort of your car. Here sectional garage doors are highly preferred as they are space saving and give a wider opening passage for the car to enter and exit. These doors are made of sections of slabs that help the doors to be more flexible.

Sectional garages can be an excellent choice for any home or office needs. These garages cannot only be a solution for parking space, but also a fine working space. Call a sectional concrete garage company now for your bespoke garage