April 18, 2024



Pregnancy Miracle Review – Lisa Olson’s Infertility eBook

In Pregnancy a course in miracles, noted author and alternative health specialist Lisa Olson discusses every aspect of pregnancy in authoritative depth. This comprehensive guide reveals the secrets every woman needs to know in order to get pregnant fast. A simple, three-step system guides the mother-to-be through a formula guaranteed to cure infertility. In concise, lucid prose, she describes a method to restore balance and health to promote easy pregnancy.

Lisa Olson has exhaustively researched the subject of infertility for 14 years. The process of trial and error led her to explore Chinese medicine. In her studies, she unlocked ancient, traditional wisdom to discover the key to holistic fertility. Pregnancy Miracle describes the causes of difficulty conceiving, and comprehensively explains the natural cure.

Traditional Chinese medicine views the body and mind as one: infertility is a state of imbalance, weakness, or disease. Emotional causes of fertility are as real as physiological problems. A woman’s lifestyle, her moods, and her attitude contribute to or detract from her vitality, affecting her fertility.

The only way to treat infertility and get pregnant fast is to address both mind and body alike with ancient, yet clinically-tested methods such as those described by Pregnancy Miracle. The best means of alleviating emotional tension is to adopt a means of releasing stress via relaxation. Popular methods readily accessible include yoga, aromatherapy, and meditation. Simple breathing exercises with calming music playing in the background can prove very helpful to restoring emotional well-being. Acupressure, as well, stimulates the body and soothes the mind. Valuable complements to these methods of permanently resolving problems conceiving a baby include support groups, counseling services or psychotherapy, or even simple prayer. The key is to trust one’s body, knowing that the womb will give life when properly nurtured.