May 25, 2024



On Becoming a Miracle Magnet – Yes, You Can!

You may be wondering, “What’s a ‘a course in miracles twitter Magnet’? Well, my clients have reported to me about the miracles happening in their lives, miracles that may be connections of unexpected serendipity, or events that “mysteriously” come together in synchronicity, or even times when our hearts open up and a relational healing occurs that we truly experience as a miracle.

You may know this already, but it seems that some folks have found a way within themselves to actually become what I call “Miracle Magnets”. In short, they have mastered the ability to manifest their desires quickly and effortlessly. These folks have been able to find a way to reach the spirit of connection with others that allows for openings to show up immediately as opportunities, and then take advantage of these openings. And some people have discovered that the more their hearts are opened, the more joy, love, and fulfillment comes pouring into their lives.

I’ve been watching these people for many years now, and it sure appears to me that they really have mastered what I would call being a “Miracle Magnet”. So our question has to be, “How do they do it!!??”

In all humility, here’s what I’ve learned about their path and my own path in becoming a “Miracle Magnet”:

1. Pay attention daily to synchronicity and serendipity as it occurs, and make note of it. This awareness of the miraculous will become a way of looking at life, and you will begin to notice these events happening more often, until the whole day seems filled with them. Really, it’s happened to me this way!

2. Embrace a miraculous way of life, and let go of fear of doing so. The more we engage in the miraculous, the more it will show up for us. Try it this week, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

3. Get curious. These folks who’ve mastered being “Miracle Magnets” are curious, passionate, interested in all aspects of life, and engaged in living life fully. The more you take on a stance of curiosity, the more miracles you’ll see in your life.

4. Affirm your place in Creation. This “Miracle Magnet” mindset does not allow for a separate-in-the-Universe sort of thinking habit. To attract more miracles into your life, you must see that you deserve to be alive, “just as the trees and the sky, you have a right to be here”. Anyway, how could one piece of Creation NOT belong here, meaning you, and all the rest of Creation does deserve to exist? It’s really ridiculous that we think we are separate and must “earn” our spot, when you think about it.

5. Take advantage of miraculous opportunities as they occur. Stepping into opportunities and running with them is one of the traits of “Miracle Magnet” people. They evaluate quickly, trust their guts, and go for it. Simple as that. If you find yourself hesitating, and opportunities pass you by, get over it, or, get a coach to help you take that leap (I know a good coach, by the way…).

6. Practice loving Life, until you get it fully. If your life isn’t enjoyable a majority of the time, and your attitude is low, it’s gonna be hard for you to notice miracles as they occur around you. So practice loving your life, and All Life, until it becomes a habit. As you do so, miracles will show up more and more. I promise!

7. Share of yourself. Sharing is the way of the Universe, of all Creation. The miracle is inside of you, waiting to come out. Share of yourself with those you love, in your community, with colleagues and employees. The more we share, the more in line with Creation we are, and the more we’ll become true “Miracle Magnets”.

Give at least one of these ideas a try this week. If it doesn’t work, well, stay with it. Do you think everything is going to come to you immediately? Practice becoming highly attractive to miracles, and you’ll soon enough experience your own sense of being a “Miracle Magnet”. Then, as these inspiring events occur to you, too, email me, and I’ll include your miracle story in my blog.