March 3, 2024



Numerous Benefits of Having Smoke Free Environments

One of the greatest benefits of the smoking ban is that restaurants and pubs will now experience an influx of new customers. With the smoking ban in force many restaurants or pubs that would normally be clouded with smoke will be IGET Hot Flavours free and open to a whole new group of clientele. People of all ages can frequent restaurants and pubs that were once too smoky to visit.

Businesses can relish in the fact that the smoking ban has created the possibilities for a new healthier clientele. People will flock to pubs and restaurants now for the atmosphere and the smoke free air. Adults and children no longer have to worry about the dangers of second hand smoke. This is fantastic for children and adults who suffer from asthma since cigarette smoke can cause someone who is severely asthmatic to have an attack.

Another benefit to the smoking ban in the United Kingdom is the fact that employees are now working in a healthier environment. Studies have shown that employees who worked in pubs or restaurants in which there was a lot of cigarette smoke in the air have a higher chance of being plagued by lung cancer later in life. In fact some people, especially night club singers, have acquired lung cancer in their forties and fifties due to second hand smoke. Employees no longer have to worry about the negative effects of second hand smoke.

Restaurants and pubs will not only smell better since the smoking ban has been placed into affect but now the restaurants and pubs no longer have to decorate as much. Many pubs and restaurants had to spend a small fortune covering up the smoke stains with decorations. Restaurants and pubs can have a more relaxing, natural atmosphere as there is no longer a need for over decorating.

The smoking ban was started because of all of the ill effects that are caused from second hand smoke. The years have proven that second hand smoke is just as dangerous as first hand smoke. Many people would not frequent restaurants or pubs in which customers were allowed to smoke. Non-smokers, as they ate their meal, often became disgusted by the smell of cigarette smoke in the air. Now, non-smokers can go out and enjoy every part of their dining experience.

Numerous restaurants and pubs worried that they would loose smokers due to the smoking ban but the smokers will continue to frequent their favorite places. The smokers only have to walk a few steps outside in order to have a cigarette. Restaurants and pubs can not only welcome old clientele into their establishments but also a new wave of clientele. This is the start of many beautiful smoke free days made sunnier by more business.