June 17, 2024



No Income Verification Mortgage Loans

Are you after a mortgage refinance and are struggling to find the loan that is right for you? Have you considered a no income 검증업체 mortgage loan to take care of your refinance? Here are three situations that a no income verification type of loan will work very well for.

First, if you are self employed and you struggle to prove all of your income on your taxes you can use a mortgage that is called a stated income mortgage to get the refinance you need. Basically they will have you write down how much you make each month or year and sign it. They will not ask you for any type of verification for the income that you claim you are making.

Second, if you are an independent contractor or you get paid cash under the table, then using a no income verification mortgage is perfect for you. In this type of situation it will be very difficult for you to prove how much money you make and you will struggle to find a mortgage loan that fits your needs.

Last, if you are a tipped employee, then we all know that you do not claim all of your tips. This is another time that the stated income or no doc mortgage comes in handy. Since you will struggle to prove much more than about half of your income you will need this type of program in order to get the mortgage you deserve.

If you have good credit and can prove all of your income on your paycheck stubs and taxes, then you need to stay away from the no income verification mortgage loan and go with a traditional mortgage, but if you fit any of the above situations, then you should ask your mortgage executive about a no income mortgage program.