Most Popular Browser MMORPG Games

Browser MMORPGs are becoming gamesinfoshop popular among avid online gamers. There are many reasons for this, but the most common one might be the wide variety of free multi-player MMORPG games that are being marketed by gaming creators lately. Adventure, fantasy and sci-fi are just some of the genres offering gamers a virtually endless supply of online gaming fun. Just as the genres of the games vary, so do their popularity among gamers. So which MMORPG browser games are the most played browser MMO games of all? Here’s a look at the top three.


RuneScape holds the Guinness World Record of the most popular free MMORPG game and has over ten millions active registered accounts in one hundred thirty different countries. RuneScape’s storyline is based in the Medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, which is divided into different regions. Each region presents a new and challenging list of quests that players must complete in order to advance to the next. What’s especially neat about RuneScape is there is no concrete storyline or goal. Gamers can chart their own course in the game by choosing which missions and quests to complete using one of several customizable avatars. Multi-player interaction is encouraged in RuneScape via different Player versus Player challenges, chat, trading and other in-world activities. Instead of progressing through levels and ranks like in most other online browser MMORPG games, RuneScape players gain and enhance various skills throughout the game that allow them to perform quests they weren’t equipped for before. There are twenty four skills for players in RuneScape and each skill has a ranking of one to 99, at which point a skill is considered “mastered”.


Travian is one of several multi-player RPG games that require players to create and manage their own town or village. In Travian, players start off as the leader a Roman-themed village with just one other inhabitant. By farming, building and completing other village-related tasks, players are awarded different levels of play that allow them to expand their village further. The goal of Travian is to construct a World Wonder using resources produced by the village itself. To help them reach this goal faster, players can form alliances with other players in the game and work together toward a common goal.


Evony is another empire building game that works much the same way that Travian does, except it’s based in medieval times. In Evony, players can attack other players for resources and since the game is based in real-time, the Evony world continues to revolve when players have logged off. Evony has its own monetary system where players can earn gold by completing levels in the game or by selling resources and items to other players. Optionally, gamers can invest real money into the game and buy “game cents” that can be used to purchase higher level items from the game shop. Players compete in rankings based on prestige. Prestige points are awarded for everything that’s done in-world, from building to completing missions to participating in combat missions with other players.

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