May 25, 2024



How To Create Your Own Online Product?

How to create your own online اینورتر جوشکاری? It is easy when you know how but like many other things it pays well to structure your approach. This will mean less time wasted and a better product that will earn more money. In this article, I will tell you what you need to do to create your own product.

Find The Market

The first thing you need to do is to find the market. Now, if you already have a site with hundreds of visitors per day and you are creating a product for them then you already have a captive audience. You should be able to understand better than most exactly what they are looking for.

Otherwise, you should look at a variety of different niches and check the keyword searches (using the Google Keyword Tool) to get a better understanding of what exactly they want. For example, you could browse EzineArticles and look through the different niches: are there already ebooks? Are they any other products being offered?

Remember, with online products you have the whole world as your oyster. If there is already a competitor or several in your niche then this is a good thing because it confirms a market. Believe me, as an experienced product creator I know that there is always plenty of room for new entrants.

Decide The Delivery Format

If you are just starting out in a niche then I would recommend starting off with an eBook and price it at between $17 and $37.

You might be tempted to create videos or seminars or even to do one to one coaching but it is better to start off with lower ticket products because you can collect customer emails and market to your new list afterwards. Then your new customer list will buy higher ticket products off you in future.

In fact, to do this, you are also best off creating an email list. This is exactly how David De Angelo created a business worth tens of millions of dollars per year. His web site collected email addresses and it is rumoured that he had over one million. He then sold to them his various products, some of which were very high ticket seminars.

Get Affiliates

I strongly advise you to get an affiliate program for your products. Making your own is great and gives you a customer list but why not get others to help you build this customer list for you? By the way, this is one great advantage of a relatively low ticket product like an ebook.

Consider putting your product on a place like ClickBank (my favored platform) or e-junkie. Here you can get your affiliates but bear in mind that you cannot sit back and wait for them – you should go and reach out for them and help them out and then they will reward you with months and years of extra sales.