Have You Even Read A Book Since High School Or College?

Life is so busy for most people these days it’s no wonder that most readers don’t even get past page 18 in a acim they have purchased. And if that wasn’t enough check out these other statistics:

And those book statistics are a little outdated, so it’s probably safe to assume they are even sadder now in this current year.

If you are one of those who have fallen into one of the above book categories, then you’re going to love audiobooks in all their glorious forms.

Gone are the days when audiobooks were limited to CDs and cassette tapes. Savvy audio book stores have popped into the market over the years and realized that people today want a much wider selection of audio book formats to select. Audio books are now available for you to download to your computer quickly and easily within seconds. This way you can also then save them to CD, MP3 player, or upload directly to your iPod.

And that’s just the audio book beginning. Audio books are available in just about every category you can think of, including best sellers from all walks of life. So if you have a preference you can sure satisfy your reading pleasure with audio books in these categories:

Audio books have a great advantage of being up to 80% less expensive than regular CD and cassette tape versions, so audio books are accessible to people from all walks of life.

Finding audio books online is so easy too. It allows you to shop anytime at your own convenience. You can browse audio book categories in the comfort of your home.

Listening to audio books does count as reading so if you read using audio books you can get through even more than if reading a regular book, for instance I can get through an audio book within three hours as compared to reading three books in 2-3 months. So if you’re anything like me you love reading and don’t have the extra time, audio books can give you the opportunity so that you can read many more books which you might not otherwise have time to read.

In the morning while doing my chores or exercising, making breakfast, dressing up for work, etc, I listen to my novel in audio book format. While commuting to work, I continue from where I stopped. During a break at work, I can also listen. And before driving back home from work, I complete the remaining part of the novel. It’s such a breeze to ‘read’ with audio books. I love it.

That’s why they’ve made it possible for you to download books onto your computer, MP3 player, or iPod almost instantly. Try doing that with a physical book. Can’t be done. And this is one of the reasons audio books have gained massive popularity more recently! You won’t have to bother worrying about postage and handling charges anymore if you read audio books as you can simply download them anytime of any day within seconds. Plus you save money doing so!

Let’s hope so, because audio books are one of the hottest items on my to do list these days. Even people who don’t read, or who read only occasionally, are catching audio book fever. And let’s not forget to mention how your children or the blind can benefit form audio books for their own education and needs.

Why not begin researching audio books for yourself today, with such a simple pleasure of being read to by the books author or a professional instead of having to read a book yourself you’ll gain that extra entertainment and joy instantly.

Don’t get caught in the percentage of people who never read past college or high school, it’s such a sad fact, plus remember the saying, “If you don’t use it, you’ll loose it” well those are very wise words indeed. I highly recommend grabbing an audio book and listening in to help your education, pleasure or family members, after all you’ll enjoy the stories and books and if only you give it a go.

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