June 17, 2024



Going From Want to Sell My House to Sold My House

So, you want to Sell my house for cash, but are not sure where to begin. There are a few things to consider before you get down to the nitty-gritty of it all that will determine which direction you need to go in. Just deciding “I want to sell my house” isn’t enough, you’ll need to have a plan, as well.

Weather your thinking of using a realtor or selling the house yourself you need to understand that the traditional methods of listing and selling houses simply will not work in this market.

Let’s face it, most people are not selling JACK! To sell a house in this market you must be better at marketing than your neighbors. You must be different and better.

To sell a house fast in this market you must have a “BIG EVENT!”

So what’s the Secret to success?

First off I want you to understand, there is no voodoo, magic or gimmicks. It is really a simple matter of understanding basic human nature and applying a little lesson from economics 101.
What happens during a hot market? A perfect storm of human emotion and the laws of supply and demand. I call them the 3 most powerful marketing forces on the planet. Greed, Scarcity and Urgency.

Most real estate professionals ignore these 3 basic laws. They list high, create no demand and have no deadline to create a sense of urgency.

In a “hot market” the 3 immutable laws of marketing are already at work so they get away with it. All ships rise with the tide. But if times have changed and the market is slow then the traditional list high approach just is not going to work. Lets face it, if nobody is looking at houses and there is no sense of urgency even the greatest house in the world gets ignored.

I do the exact opposite of what most real estates professionals do! To create a “hot market”, I start LOW, and let the market bid the price UP! That’s right a do-it-yourself-auction-style-sale.