July 21, 2024



Features of Spanish Revival Architecture

Spanish top architects in Palm Springs has always one of the most beautiful and significant styles of architecture in the world with its brilliantly carved and intricate designs, the framing of the whole structure, the roofs with the beautiful red tiles and so many other features that has given it the standing at the very top of the world of architecture. With the advent of the Spanish to the American shores to expand their colonies, came their style of architecture and with time, got incorporated with the typically modernist American style and blended in with it to form a very unique style of architecture that is known to us as the Spanish Revival style of architecture.

Mostly the southern and southwestern states of the United States of America that somewhat have a Spanish speaking population, use this style of architecture although it can be found in other parts of the country as well. The most brilliant thing about this type of architecture is the use of columns that are usually rounded and are very heavily carved. The carvings of the columns give birth to some of the most beautiful carvings in the world, some depicting the early days of the Spanish culture; some others depict the life and death of Jesus Christ and so much more. The Spanish Revival style of architecture keeps the essence of the original Spanish style of architecture alive through these carvings and the other aspects of Spanish architecture that are present in the modernized rendition of the Spanish architecture are the huge doors and windows that have wrought iron hardware and the top of the doors and the windows are rounded that are typical of the early Spanish style of architecture which borrowed this style form the Italians in the early parts of the 14th or 15th century.

The ceramic flooring is very typical of the Spanish Revival homes and some of these homes also use other patterned tiles for the flooring. The roofs are typical of the Mediterranean style of architecture because most of the houses have roofs that are flat rather low-pitched, made from red clay and overhangs a little bit. There are also white stucco walls that lie behind the brick. The front does not necessarily need to be very symmetrical and this is highly evident in the windows in the front that are very irregularly placed.

The doors are more often than not very heavy with carvings that are used as a decorative and it is also common in the windows as well. The railings of the balcony usually contain very intricate designs that are also typical of this type of architectural style. The entryways to the homes usually contain arches that add to the beauty of the place, and the towers are also low-round and square.

The Spanish Revival architectural style is one of the most beautiful styles of architecture and if you happen to get your hands on one of these houses, be sure to get because they are something that will always be in style.