April 20, 2024



Enjoy Mobile Computing With The iGo Stowaway Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

A lot of people today are using smartphones or PDAs as their portable office. They can easily save all of the important information necessary for their work in the palm of their hands. In some cases, they use these devices just like a laptop. However, these devices mostly rely on touch screens or small ducky keyboard. To make things much easier for yourself, you can use the iGo Stowaway Portable Bluetooth Keyboard.

This Bluetooth mobile keyboard is designed to be used together with different devices such as Palm OS, Windows XP, Windows Mobile and even Symbian OS. This portable Bluetooth keyboard is definitely an advantage, especially to those who require a larger keyboard for text input.

The initial size of iGo Stowaway Portable Bluetooth Keyboard is 5 inches by 3.5 inches by 0.9 inches. With a press of a button, the device unfolds into a keyboard that is 11 inches wide with a height of 5 rows of keys. It resembles other keyboards with the exception of dedicated function keys. However, this portable Bluetooth keyboard has a row strictly for number keys. One advantage of this Bluetooth mobile keyboard is that it is perfect for touch typing, and just like the keyboard on your laptop and it can handle long distance travel.

While the size of the portable Bluetooth keyboard mentioned above is still relatvely small, it is still bigger than your Palm OS phone or other smartphones and you might need a special case or compartment to carry it around. However, it is great especially if you are travelling and you require a bigger keyboard to input data or any other text to your smartphone or PDAs. This Bluetooth mobile keyboard runs on triple A batteries and the life span of the batteries is quite long. This means that you won’t have that much problem when using it.

With the introduction of the portable Bluetooth keyboard, the problems with the small keyboards of PDAs, smartphones, and Palm OS has been solved. Anyone can use it since it is compatible with most handheld phones. It has been tried and tested on several handheld devices and it works well with each one of them. Even if it is slightly bigger than your smartphone, it still does the job perfectly and it gives you the convenience of typing your document easily, especially while traveling.

The iGo Stowaway Portable Bluetooth keyboard also includes a lap-lock that prevents it from falling from your lap when in use. This feature is great especially when you are in the airport or crammed in tight spaces. Aside from that, the keyboard also uses international characters and symbols making it one of the best keyboards available for your mobile office.

You don’t have to stick to the small keyboard on your smartphone or PDA. Get an iGo Stowaway Portable Bluetooth keyboard today and enjoy its advantages. You can carry it in your pocket, bag or purse because of its size, and with a press of a button,you can release it from its tiny box into a full sized keyboard that you can easily place on your lap or any flat surface.