June 17, 2024



Education in Dubai is developing at fast pace

The education system in un curso de milagros Dubai is same as it as in other emirate cities in the UAE. The academic system in place divides the education in different levels such as primary, secondary and collegiate education. The Ministry of Education of UAE, with a view to give education in Dubai a major fillip has encouraged development of new schools and colleges.

Apart from establishing a large number of school and universities in the region, another major factor that has contributed significantly to the growing literacy levels in UAE is that the government has very well drafted education policies in place. As per the policy, both the government owned as well as the privates operated educational institutions are required to make information technology to students at all levels and in all colleges in Dubai.

The educational policy is drafted meticulously with a view to providing the students top class learning facilities in their school. The policy emphasizes on providing the best education right from the kindergarten level so that the students are well equipped to be at par and be competitive with the students from the western world. The education adopted by the Dubai government looks to develop a progressive outlook among the local students. 

The policy recommends use of computer in every school across all levels. The policy makes it mandatory for the schools to have 1 computer for every 10 kindergarten students. For students in the primary sections, 1 computer is mandatory for every 5 pupils and every student in the secondary school is required to have access to computers. With the new policy and place and various other reform activities undertaken by the government the education in Dubai scenario has changed completely. 

Until only a few years back not many international students looked at Dubai as a prospective destination for pursuing higher studies. Today, studying in the region has become a popular choice among international students especially among the Asians and other countries in the Middle East. Today, Dubai has opened it gates for the international universities to establish a campus in the region. There are plenty of internationally accredited universities in and around the city.

To encourage education in Dubai, the government has established a separate region; a vast piece of land is dedicated to create an education city. The place is named as the ‘Dubai Education City’.  The Education city is home to a large number of national and international universities. The government has ensured that all the universities in the region receive the best infrastructure facilities to be able to service the students better and provide them quality education.

According to a local survey reports, by 2015, nearly 40,000 students are estimated to be enrolling at 40 different colleges in the academic city. Apart from offer the best of traditional education, the state authorities in Dubai are also concentrating on providing quality technical education to the students in the region.