Cocaine Addiction Recovery Treatment

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that 15 percent, that is one in six individuals in the U.S. has used buy heroin online. Research further shows that more people seek recovery assistance for cocaine use than any other drug. Cocaine users between the ages of 18 and 25 also reported using other illicit drugs including Ecstasy, LSD and Heroin.

Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant and it affects brain function. Users report a euphoric sensation, feeling energetic, an increase in confidence, intense happiness and alertness. Cocaine addiction has a significant impact on relationships in families, relationships at work and school, as well as other social implications.

Addiction Risks

The health risks that are most associated with cocaine abuse are heart attack and stroke. Other heart issues connected to use are:

Excessive and chronic cocaine abuse can also lead to sinus issues that include the inability to smell and a deviated septum.

Effects of Abuse and Addiction

It is not uncommon for people who use cocaine to withdraw and isolate themselves from their loved ones and others. Commonly, their personal hygiene will take a significant decline and they may appear to have a constant cold or the flu – with irritated eyes and runny nose. Cocaine users undergo a complete personality change.
They may be depressed in one moment and positive and energetic in the next and the change may also shift in their attitude and behavior toward family and friends.

Over time, people who use cocaine will develop side effects from continued cocaine use:

Help with Cocaine Abuse and Addiction

Cocaine addiction does not require detox. However, since most individuals also use other drugs or alcohol, they may require medical detox for their substance abuse and addiction.

There are recovery treatments available to help stop cocaine use. There are inpatient recovery treatment centers, which offer an opportunity to get away from the temptations of daily life and to get help as well as educational classes and training sessions that will discuss ways in which to avoid or deal with the triggers that lead to substance abuse. Residential recovery treatment will help prepare the individual on how to prevent relapse and to cope with situations that could result in their continued cocaine abuse.

Outpatient recovery treatment such as 12 step groups including NA and CA and non-traditional, non-12 step programs offer support within the community. These programs offer suggestions and explanations on how to avoid relapse. Additionally, cognitive behavioral therapy has also been recognized as a successful method for cocaine addiction recovery. The important thing is recognizing that you have a problem and that you seek some method of recovery assistance.

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