June 17, 2024



Choosing the Right Trade Show Display

In an economy that is struggling, established companies and start-ups alike are looking for the exposure that will sustain or launch their products and services into the mainstream. Trade mxl tv offer many of these companies the only prospect they may get to have industry buyers and mainstream media see and review their products and services.

Display opportunities range from the portable display category and tabletop displays to larger trade show booths and interactive displays. Shows are produced by advertising companies that will advertise their show based on the market being sought after.

One type of show is a media only show. These media only display products and services to multiple media outlets who are courted by the advertising company producing the show. Product reviewers from magazine and print media as well as television and online media are invited to the shows with the promise of food, entertainment, giveaways and above all else, the chance to review the next great product that could change everyone’s lives.

Shows are also put on for buyers from large companies. These buyers will come in and evaluate products based on their needs and trade show displays that catch their attention. If their interest is piqued, they will present the chance for the manufacturers to sell large quantity orders.

There are also shows aimed at the consumer. These shows offer the opportunity to obtain direct contact with the type of clientele that fit their demographics. Some examples of larger shows would be boat and automobile shows that are usually put on in large convention centers and arenas.

Venues for trade shows range from medium size engagement ball rooms in hotels to the large conventions centers mentioned earlier. The smaller shows usually are better fits for portable displays, table top portable displays and trades show booths up to 10 x 10 feet in size. Fees to display in this type of setting will range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the location and exposure within the room. Location and size are the main considerations in it’s display costs.

Most agencies producing the show will also offer sponsorship opportunities and exposure for additional fees. This will include advertising banners at the trade show, inclusion in advertising for the show in print and also inclusion on it’s websites. Additional exposure like this will increase the opportunity for recognition by consumers and media and also the opportunity to be reviewed by a major media outlet.

Aside from the company producing it, there are also companies that design and build displays. Portable banners and portable displays start at about $200 and can range up to $20,000 and more for comprehensive modular trade show booths. There are reputable companies with a list of happy clientele that can be contracted to deliver the unit that is right for every need and location.

Choosing the correct display and the correct type of trade show booth to display a product or service, is determined by several factors. The audience or demographic for the product should guide most decisions, but the size of the show should be suitable for the size of the company. Some companies are prepared to fill large orders, while some companies need the exposure to launch and fill smaller orders to grow at a steady rate.

A trade show display or booth that offers the media or consumer a chance to test drive a product or use a company’s service, or offers the chance to win a giveaway of some type will ensure that the product is remembered over time.

There are many opportunities for companies of every size to find a display or trade show booth that fits their needs. When the exposure is right, the benefits are limitless.