July 21, 2024



5 Conditioning Exercises For Football team kits

Many football fans like to play team kits for their own local teams but they also like to train in the same manner as professional footballers so that they can gain the same benefits that the professionals get. The first thing you need to do is to go and get your football kit on so if you’re a Liverpool fan, go and get your Liverpool shirt or Liverpool kit on and then we can start looking at how to get your conditioning training begun.

Running seems to be every ones least favourite aspect of football training however it is the most important one than needs to be addressed rigorously. A footballer on average over a game will run approximately 12 kilometre which converts to about six miles. This means that you should be able to run six mile at a reasonable pace a few times a week without stopping. Getting up to this level is not always easy so maybe have a break every two miles by walking for a few minutes for the first few weeks of training.

Press-ups on a training ball
Completing reps of press-ups on a training ball is a great way to get you core strength up and also to get your upper body conditioning much stronger. It is a good idea to do this so that you are strong when you are on the ball but also so that you can tackle much more effectively.

Yoga is used by many football professionals so that they can increase their flexibility, agility and core strength. This is absolutely fundamental to improving strength and agility at the same time making it a great training method for dribbling speed and also for getting past other players.

100 meter sprinting
Many town and cities in the UK have outdoor running tracks and this is a great place to get your 100 meter running into high intensity sprinting. You need to be trying to do the 100 meters ten times minimum and then you should really keep going until you can’t do anymore. Y pushing yourself in this manner you will be much faster on the football pitch and you will be much more explosive when you get the ball.

Water Jogging
This exercise requires the use of a swimming pool and involves you running in the shallow end as fast as you can against the resistance of the water. This will build up fitness, strength and conditioning to your whole body. Running against the water resistance mimics how your body feels towards the last 20 minutes of a football match and this will help you get used to working through it.