June 17, 2024



Making Your Own Karaoke MP3s is Fun, Quick and Easy

강남룸싸롱 has quickly become one of the world’s favorite pastimes. Karaoke allows us all to become the star of the stage even if it is only for an evening. What can be more fun than an evening out with your friends singing the hits of today at a karaoke event?

When you are singing karaoke at an event you will be using professional quality equipment, and the chances are that the karaoke disc jockey will have a vast assortment of karaoke tracks for you to choose from. They will have songs in the country, rock and pop genres. All you have to do is tell them what you want to sing and the chances are fairly good that they will have that song installed on the equipment.

While there are many people singing their favorite songs out at public karaoke events, many more are finding that singing karaoke at home with their friends and family is just as much fun. However they often find that their home karaoke library is very limited on songs in the karaoke format. Obviously in order to sing karaoke, one needs to have a recording of the selected song without the lead vocals.

Many different cd’s are available commercially that contain a variety of songs that have been transformed into sing a long karaoke tracks. But these discs usually contain somewhat dated songs as the producers of these karaoke play lists need time to determine which songs their customers will want. They also need to negotiate permission from the songs creator in order to sell the karaoke version commercially. This all takes time.

So by the time a new karaoke track hits the market, the chances are it is no longer a current hit. It is also rare to find the less popular songs that never make the top hit lists. So if you looking for a song that never had mass public appeal, you are probably out of luck. It can also be very expensive to build a good karaoke library. But there is a solution. In order to explain the solution I first need to demonstrate the original song recording process.

The process of recording a song is very complicated. Let’s keep it simple though. When a song is selected for recording the process begins by recording all the vocals and instruments individually. For example when the drums are recorded, the drummer is the only musician in the studio. After all of the various instruments and vocals are recorded on individual tracks they are mixed into one track for producing the recording on CD’s for massive distribution.

When professionally produced karaoke tracks are created it is just a process of taking the master recordings and mixing them into a single track and leaving the lead vocal track out of the new mix. When making your own personal karaoke tracks, you will not have access to the master recordings. Since all the tracks are synchronized into one track on the commercially available CD’s, we need to take a different approach in reducing or eliminating the lead vocals.

The equipment used to isolate the lead vocals for personal recordings ranges from expensive electronic equipment that can costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars, to karaoke software that can run $25 and up. Results for the voice removal on your cd’s will vary from one recording to the next. The good news though is that many of the songs that you want to transform to karaoke tracks will produce good results with the less expensive software solutions.

So the next time you can’t find that karaoke track you are looking for, don’t sweat it. There are solutions that you can use to make your own tracks in minutes. We discuss this procedure and other karaoke related topics on my karaoke lovers blog.