April 18, 2024



How Internet Television is Killing Podcasting iptv premium

Do you wonder why anyone would want to record the audio of a iptv premium program and call it Audio Television or Podcast? The answer is that some Television programmers thought their programs should benefit from more exposure and, so arranged for special radios to begin playing television programs audios for people who are interested in listening to edited audio of television programs.

Audio Television, as the innovation became known, did not become as popular as the real television, but it has not gone away either, because listeners felt as if they watched a particular television program each time they listened to its audio; and because you could follow the audio of a television program, see the pictures in your minds eyes without the distraction you would normally experience if you actually view a television program while engaged in any work.

This development brought about Podcasting, audio only versions of Television programming which are now common on the Internet. And as should be expected, individuals started producing audio summary of films, plays, drama, comedy etc in Podcast formats, which they host on their websites or blogs for free listening by their visitors.

Several electronic media houses have recorded success stories with a mixture of news stories specially designed for podcasting. An example is “The Afternote,” a political newsletter Podcast of juicy sound bites. There are also instances of unedited Television shows used verbatim for Podcast. Examples are “Meet the Press” and “Nightline.”

Podcasing enabled people to follow edited audio of their favorite Television programs on the internet until Internet Television happened not long ago. Yes, now it has become possible for you to enjoy Internet television. Yes, with software, Satellite Television has merged with the Internet making it possible for you to watch Television Stations from any region or country of the world.

So what are you waiting for, turn your PC or Laptop into an instant TV by searching online for Internet Television software vendors. But make sure to buy only from a vendor who sales through Clickbank, so that you can ask and get a refund if you are not satisfied.